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So You Are In The Wedding Party? 
Here's What Is Expected for Your
Wedding Speech

There are several different types of wedding speeches that can take place during the wedding reception:

•    The Best Man:  The speech of the Best Man is often longer and more formal than any of the other speeches.  It often ends with an invitation for guests to join the Best Man in a toast.  At many weddings the Best Man will begin the evening’s speeches.  However, the speeches of Best Man vary widely from wedding to wedding.  In many cases these speeches are humorous, although many best men also deliver excellent sentimental or touching speeches as well.    

•    The Maid of Honor:  The Maid of Honor is often expected to give a speech after the Best Man.  Usually the Maid of Honor speech will talk about the couple and will lead the guests in a toast.  The same rules that apply to the Best Man’s speech apply to the Maid of Honor’s speech as well.

•    Parents of the Bride and Groom:  Like the Best Man and the Maid of Honor the parents of the Bride and Groom will often deliver longer wedding speeches.  In many cases these speeches will wish the couple much joy and will reflect on the bringing together of two families. Again, these speeches often end in blessings or wishes for the Bridal couple and a toast.  For example the mother of the groom may give a blessing, the father of the bride , or even father of the groom and mother of the bride.

•    Bridesmaids and Ushers:  The Bridesmaids and ushers may present a wedding speech together or individually as friends of the Bride and Groom.  Bridesmaids and ushers are not always expected to give speeches at weddings but it is a good idea if you are a Bridesmaid or usher at a wedding to be prepared to give a speech.  Since the Bridesmaids and ushers are often close friends, or family, of the wedding couple it is often a nice touch for them to share their own feelings by giving a speech.  

•    The Bride and Groom:  After the wedding party has presented their wedding speeches the Bride and Groom may wish to offer their own speeches as well.  They will usually thank their parents and anyone else who went out of their way to help them plan the wedding.  They will also thank their wedding party and guests for coming together to help them celebrate their marriage. If any person has traveled a long way to take part in the wedding they are also traditionally thanked by the Bride and Groom in their wedding speeches. 

Often the Bride and Groom will also use their wedding speeches to declare their love, express their hopes for the future, and to reflect on the special occasion.  The speeches of the Bride and Groom are very anticipated by the wedding guests and often can get quite emotional. 

•    Guests of the Wedding:  Guests are often invited to give wedding speeches at a wedding.  They can come up individually or in groups to share their blessings for the new couple.  These speeches tend to be shorter than the speeches of the wedding party and may simply be a blessing or shorter wedding toast. 

    While these guidelines can tell you what many wedding speeches are like at weddings you should not follow the guidelines too closely.  Many wedding speeches vary widely depending on each individual wedding.  Wedding speeches should celebrate the life and union of the Bridal couple, allowing the guests to share in the couple’s joy.  

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