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Maid of Honor Wedding Day Survival Kit

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Wedding Day Survival Kit for the Maid of Honor

The day of the wedding can be a stressful day for the bride.  As maid of honor you will look like a seasoned pro if you can alleviate any unexpected troubles... which will happen!  Use the following list to guard agains any unwanted circumstances from ruining the wedding day:  The following list includes items you should assemble and take to your wedding in the event of a "minor emergency".  Ask one of your bridesmaids to watch over it for you.  You can get travel sizes of some these things; just make sure you have them.  Pack everything in a little box or bag and take it along in your overnight bag. 


      Makeup Kit

      Hand Mirror

      Hair Spray

      Electric Curlers/ Curling Iron

      Brush/ Comb

      Toothpaste/ Toothbrush


      Dress Shields



      Bobby Pins (for the veil)

      Extra Nylons

      Clear Fingernail Polish

      Polish Remover


      Super glue or Nail glue

      Needle/Thread or Mini sewing kit


      Safety Pins & Straight Pins


      Ironing Board

      Floral Wire (possible repairs)

      Extra pair of black men's socks

      Breath mints (not gum!)

      Masking Tape (for fixing decor)

      Scotch Tape (tape cards to gifts)

      Two-sided Tape (last minute hems)

      Eye drops (for those teary eyes) 

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