iPhone and Irish Wedding Day Tradition

Irish weddings have a custom called a “Speechstake.”  The idea is for the guest at a wedding table to guess how long each of the wedding speeches are and the closest person wins.  It can be a great way for strangers to break the ice and get loosened up with one another.

Well, now the iPhone has an app for that!  It’s called Wedding Speechstake!

According to Moonswing founder Tom Tierny, “A Wedding Speechstake is a particularly popular custom at Irish weddings. As well as being great fun for a table of friends, it is also a wonderful conversation starter and ice breaker at a table where some of the guests might not know each other. We’re very happy to bring it to the iPhone and have used many of the device’s advanced features to make it as colorful and as much fun as possible. For example, if a player chooses, they can simply shake the iPhone to be given a random guess.”

You can get the Wedding Speechstake app at iTunes App Store.

Learn more about Moonswing and Wedding Speechstake at:


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