Best Man Roasts Groom

This very funny best man speech is delivered very well by the best man, however, he roasts the groom pretty good and let’s him have it. He spends most of his time cracking on the groom and telling jokes. He is way more like a stand up comic (and a very good one) than someone delivering a best man speech. He had the groom and the wedding guest laughing their butts off, but very few men are naturally funny enough to pull this act off.

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Who Will Be Prince William’s Best Man?

It is being rumored that Prince William will request the support for more than one best man for his royal wedding to Kate Middleton. He apparently wants his brother, Prince Harry, to have an important role in the ceremony, but he is likely to rely on more than his brother when it comes to his big day. One of these supporters will be Edward van Cutsem who has some of his own tips when it comes to giving a best man wedding speech.

He was quoted as saying that you shouldn’t have more than a couple glasses of champagne before giving the speech!

Very wise Edward! This is one of the biggest mistakes that a best man can make… drinking too much before the toast.

Read more about best man speech tips and the other supporters from Prince Williams entourage at:

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Funny But Long Best Man Speech

This best man wedding speech follows a traditional approach, but has more jokes than you need for your best man toast.  It is also quite long.  A great wedding speech can be met in 5 minutes or less.  This speech goes about 9 minutes.  It could have been shortened up a bit, but it is still has some good jokes and humor.  Watch it for yourself and see if you find some humor that you feel comfortable using.

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Non-Traditional Best Man Wedding Speech

If you are someone that is looking for a great idea for your best man wedding speech, have some serious guts, and can get some partners in crime… then there is video on YouTube that you should watch.

Be forewarned… this is not your usual best man toast. It is high energy, funny, and very loose! It goes against all rules and guidelines for giving a best man speech, but if you can pull it off, then it is great idea.

The video really gets the guests going and starts the wedding reception off with a real bang!

Check it out on YouTube and see what you think for yourself!

Watch it by visiting ==> Funny, Non-Traditional Best Man Speech

This funny best man speech is about 10 minutes long, but is well worth watching if you want to be VERY different and like to be in the spotlight.

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Where To Find The Best Wedding Speech

Questions often come to us asking where they can get the best help in writing a great wedding speech. There are plenty of services online that can give you tips and tricks, but if you want help fast and don’t want to waste hours surfing the internet, then it is recommended that you check out a good wedding speech writing guide.

To help you find the best guide for your wedding toast or speech, then visit the Wedding Speech Reviews website. ranks websites that have good, helpful guides that can get you on your way to delivering a great speech.

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Funny Best Man Speech

This best man toast to the newlyweds has had over a million views. Many of the people who have left comments think this is a funny best man speech.

See what you think and leave your comments below.

In this video you will hear a popular best man joke: “Upon researching my best man speech I found that according to tradition, I am suppose to sing the groom praises and tell you all about his many good points! Well I’m very sorry to say, but I cannot sing… and I won’t lie!”

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Wedding Masters Go Hi-Tech in Japan

So the bridal business just went hi-tech in Japan.

In a culture that is known for popping out well planned wedding ceremonies like Ford Motor Company pops out automobiles, Escrit Inc., a Tokyo-based start-up that runs wedding venues and plans ceremonies, has just developed a new computer system designed specifically for bridal businesses for analyzing data on customers, orders, accounting and other operations.

The system will allow to see which wedding meals are more popular depending on the demographics of the guests, as an example.

The new hi-tech system will help identify the factors that determine success and failure.

Get the full story ==> Wedding Masters Upgrade to iPad Technology

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iPhone and Irish Wedding Day Tradition

Irish weddings have a custom called a “Speechstake.”  The idea is for the guest at a wedding table to guess how long each of the wedding speeches are and the closest person wins.  It can be a great way for strangers to break the ice and get loosened up with one another.

Well, now the iPhone has an app for that!  It’s called Wedding Speechstake!

According to Moonswing founder Tom Tierny, “A Wedding Speechstake is a particularly popular custom at Irish weddings. As well as being great fun for a table of friends, it is also a wonderful conversation starter and ice breaker at a table where some of the guests might not know each other. We’re very happy to bring it to the iPhone and have used many of the device’s advanced features to make it as colorful and as much fun as possible. For example, if a player chooses, they can simply shake the iPhone to be given a random guess.”

You can get the Wedding Speechstake app at iTunes App Store.

Learn more about Moonswing and Wedding Speechstake at:

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How To Write A Wedding Speech

There are only a few components to writing a great wedding speech or wedding toast.  First, it is important that you understand the difference.  A wedding speech is 2, 3, or minutes or more speech.  You get up and deliver a talk about the wedding couple.  A toast is usually a 2 to 4 line well wishing that ends your wedding speech.

With that said, here are a few pointers to writing a great wedding speech.

1.  When in doubt speak from the heart.  There is nothing more touching and meaningful than words that are spoken with authenticity and emotion.  All too often kind words of gratitude and love go unspoken.  Your wedding speech is the perfect time to say those heartfelt words that you’ve been meaning to say.

2.  Focus on the couple:  remember that this day is about the bride and groom.  This isn’t your day to shine by wowing the audience with your exceptional orator skills.  Keep your speech short and sweet… anything much longer than 5 minutes is too much.

3.  Compliment the bride:  Be sure to remind everyone how stunning the bride looks in her gorgeous gown and how happy the groom looks to be with her.

Follow these 3 simple rules and your speech will be the best of the bunch.

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Best Advice for Delivering Your Wedding Speech

I often get asked whether you should try to be funny or not during your wedding speech.  There is no right or wrong answer.  If you are naturally funny, then yes by all means be humorous.  However, if you are not talented at delivering humor, then be careful.  There is nothing worse than trying to tell a joke and bomb at it.  When giving your wedding speech or wedding toast try to speak from the heart.  This always will end up being the best speech that you can give.

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